Welcome to Designerindex.net. At Designerindex.net we have merged artistry and social history. We provide you with biographies and profiles of famous fashion designers; their fabulous fashions of pre and post World War II Era; and their individual contributions to fashion.

The word fashion designer includes people from well-known couturiers, to anonymous designers working for
commercial ready-to-wear houses, to stylists who might make only small modificartions in existing designs.
Fashion designers with their talent and vision not only play a major role in how people look, but they have also
made important contributions to the cultural and social environment. Charles Frederick Worth
considered the father of haute couture along with, the Callot sisters, Jeanne Paquin, Jacques
Doucet and Jeanne Lanvin are considered to be among the first modern fashion designers.

In the Twenty-first century much of what fashion designers design is in response to the street
styles. With the help of marketing and advertising, designers promote themselves to the world.
Some designers market their look trough runway shows, as well as maintaining their own
retail stores.

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fashion industry legends, and find out were they are

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