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Leaving boast customer

When a customer bought goods, knot finishing up to leave, we had better learn how to use sweet Lingshou Hu and customer farewell. In this case they may wish to take this opportunity to boast a boast to enhance customer goodwill, deepen customer impression, maybe it will be they will become repeat . . . ..........Read full article

Caution summer cigarette business

Hi! Lingshou Hu friends from all over the country, Hello, everyone! Parents who operate the rainy season, and usually different compared to what? Rainy season, how to ensure that the store will not be flooded? Rainy season, how to prevent store merchandise is not exposed to moisture, mildew, . . . ..........Read full article

Brand recognition and brand image across

Club-style large-scale single store supermarket alcohol, category, variety, to attract more consumers to shop for the consumer, so the higher turnover of a single point. Brand, is every enterprise's life. Comprehensive competitive viability of the store brand is strong, it is possible to store long . . . ..........Read full article

Smoking hotel how to "virgin customers" a good impression

Smoking hotel open for business, coming and going every day consumers will always be some "new faces" into the store to buy or just look at the so-called virgin customer actually refers to those customers for the first time in your store to buy something. For such customers, what can you . . . ..........Read full article

Common cigarette business customers

Daily visits to customers, often see many customers and manage monopoly cigarette business policy is not well known, do not understand, can not figure out, and even resentment. I believe that the minds of customers have questions, there are suggestions, complain, this is normal, it is not surprising . . . ..........Read full article

Select the appropriate alternative name

Also, refer to Korea, encourage social non-governmental organizations and voluntary organizations, to verify the name of the appointment of an international ambassador, play Internet users and civil forces, encourage users and civil society participation. 2, the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau to assess . . . ..........Read full article

Refined service initiatives, provide warmth service

If you want to do this work in place, a number of departments will be fit to play a good logistics center "leading role", good distribution of resources, make good use of opportunities; secondly, on the road to be clear in the chest. To find a road which has straw to bypass this road. . . . ..........Read full article

Summer business opportunities for the cigarette retail value add

As the weather is getting hot, the temperature frequently break due to the history of an exchange screams, the term "hot economy" has become the buzzword of the current and coming period. Whether cold hot days, will give the retail business brought a good, hot days of cold, mat, air . . . ..........Read full article

Cigarette Lingshou Hu: Today, you order online yet?

The arrival of the information age, to bring the convenience and quick, high-speed and efficient. Tobacco companies use information technology, innovation ordering pattern in the original phone, voice orders on the basis of, the implementation of online ordering. Online ordering is an advanced mode. . . . ..........Read full article

On cigarette retail customers "percentage of assessment

Further regulate the jurisdiction of the cigarette market order, improve the purification rate of the market, to achieve the dynamic management of retail customers, then carry out the cigarette Lingshou Hu "percentage of assessment" as a measure of the dynamic management of the customer, . . . ..........Read full article

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